Bethlehem Township

New Jersey

  • Population: 3979 (2010 census)
  • Size: 20.83 sq. miles (53.95 km2)
  • Established: February 21, 1798
  • Distance from NYC: 59
  • Distance from Philadelphia: 65
  • Distance from Newark: 48
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About Bethlehem Township
Driving through the winding country roads of Bethlehem Township, sweeping panoramas offer viewpoints not normally associated with New Jersey. Established family farms, leafy woodlands and rural views are punctuated by antique homes, red barns, old mills and newer neighborhoods of luxury homes. Remaining true to its agricultural heritage, the township has amassed many acres of preserved farmland and open space which support local farming and recreational activities as well as the pastoral vistas.

Measuring about 20 square miles with just under 4,000 residents, Bethlehem is bordered by Alexandria, Bloomsbury, Franklin, Kingwood, Holland and the Musconetcong River. Within the township are smaller communities such as Charlestown, Jugtown, Ludlow, Polktown, Swinesburg, Valley and West Portal.